About us

The joinery Chodora is a family business with 27 years tradition. During this time we have built a reputation as a reliable partner on the market. We offer first class joinery services for private customers and for commercial sector inland and abroad.


Jaroslav Chodora established the joinery in 1992 and as a sole trader kept this activity with his employees until 2012. The most important for him has always been the work quality of the whole team, the delight over the accomplished work and last but not least the satisfaction of his customers. The joinery work and above all the work with timber was all his joy. He also brought his two sons Lukáš and Jakub to this passion. In June 2012 the sole trader business transformed into a family-run business, henceforth bearing the name Joinery Chodora Ltd.joinery services for private customers and for commercial sector inland and abroad.

How we work - from proposal to implementation.

We process the product design with the computer programme IMOS. After the input of all necessary data regarding the product to meet your needs we receive the structural data with parts list, a detailed description of the workflow and an overview of the needed materials for the production.

The enormous advantage of the design system IMOS is more effective utilisation of the machine time and a detailed description of the processes for the machine production and for the handcrafting production. Thanks to this method we can accelerate the continuous production times and eliminate defects caused by the human factor.

After you have agreed on the production/scale drawings, we start to produce. The production is performed on modern machines that allow us an accurate and a high-quality processing of material of your choice. A significant part of the production process lies in handcrafting and/or hand-carving. As our company takes on very complex projects, we have highly qualified personnel consisting of joiners and varnisher. The joiners working on the projects also carry out the assembly process, because they have been in the process from the first incision up to the point of installation. This enables us to avoid problems with information transfer to other employees, who are mandated to other projects. This secures a smooth workflow process and assembling of your order.

Subsequent service

We also offer a subsequent customer service for products that we have manufactured. This is additional care and maintenance such as adjustment of doors, repairs after rubbing or damage from handling, maintenance of solid wood work surfaces and similar.

Our goal…

…is to ensure a smooth progress of your order. We are glad to be at your disposal at any time and it is our wish that you enjoy working with us. At the same time we try to pleasantly surprise you and hope that you will recommend us further.

And last but not least?

Once the work is finished, let's interlace our hands and enjoy together, that you can live to suit your original design expectations! We would appreciate, if you remain our loyal clients!

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Czech Republic
+420 721 477 786 or +420 775 361 206

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